Android Development with Kotlin

As technology is evolving and the job market’s needs are evolving, we at L4G have evolved our program offerings too.  L4G now has a new Android Development with Kotlin course for faculties through a collaboration with Google.

In 2017, Google announced Kotlin as an officially supported language for Android. After seeing almost a 2.6x adoption for Kotlin language among developers around the world every year, we decided to update our Android Development course to Kotlin. This year we will be offering this course to all the universities/partners we previously partnered with, like yours.

L4G in Collaboration with Google is offering an online ‘Train The Trainer’ session for the Faculty members. Google’s Developer Training team has designed a new course named ‘Android Development with Kotlin’ to build Android apps in Kotlin language.

The Principal or Head of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology are requested to nominate two faculty members from your institution who are actively teaching Java or Android to participate in this program. The trained faculty, in turn, are expected to train at least 60  students from your institution.


Participants taking the course must have Object-oriented programming experience(eg Java, .NET etc).

Machine Hardware specifications required for this course: