L4G-Coursera launches #iamcertifiedchallenge

Let’s  together motivate the Learners and enhance your brand at the same time. To do this L4G-Coursera are launching the social campaign – #iamcertifiedchallenge

What is I am Certified Challenge?

I am certified challenge is a social challenge where Student/Faculty who completed Coursera certifications will challenge the other Students/Faculty in their college or other colleges by posting the below message and attaching the screen shot or their course completion or certificate and post it in social media platforms .

The Student/Faculty who receives the challenge will have to complete the course and share their course completion certificate or screenshot and challenges another 4 or 5 Students/Faculty.

What are the Hashtags that needs to be used in the social challenge?

#L4G #Coursera #iamcertifiedchallenge

What is the format of the message that Students/Faculty should use to post the challenge to their friends?

I am delighted to share that I completed —— (number of courses) courses on Coursera. The list of courses I completed are ____, _____, ______. I now challenge @friend1, @friend2, @friend3, @friend4 to participate in #iamcertifiedchallenge. Thank you @l4gsolutions and @Coursera for such a wonderful opportunity provided for free during lockdown #C4CV (Coursera for Corona Virus Response Initiative). #L4G #Coursera #iamcertified

What else the Students/Faculty need to fill along with this message?

  • Screenshot of Certificate or Course Completion
  • List the Courses they completed at Coursera
  • Tag 4 of their friends using @friendname
  • Use all social hashtags as it is in the message

Recognition & Benefits

  • The Students/Faculty who challenges a minimum of 30 Students/Faculty through such posts above after completing his courses, will be recognized as #L4GStarlearner on the social pages of L4G and would also receive a e-certificate of appreciation.
  • The only condition is that the Student/Faculty who challenges some one should have completed more than five courses/specialization in Coursera.

For more queries, please reach us on coursera@l4g.in

Contact On Whatsapp:

  • Mr. Ajay at 9676026087 
  • Mr. Balaji at 7036597876