Importance of Technical English in Engineering Domain

Globally there are 743 million non-native English speakers in the world. 56% of the content over internet is in English. Over 50% of journals, research papers in engineering and technology discipline are in English. English is spoken in 118 countries in the world and 90 percent of the corporates which hire engineers communicate in English. These statistics drive home the point the importance of English in engineering domain.

As per oxford dictionary, there are 1,71,476 words in current use and overall about 7,50,000 words. Out of these a native English speaker uses on average about 25000 to 30000 words. The point to be noted is even native English speaker uses only 3 to 4 percent of total words. For a non-native English speaker, a vocabulary of 2500 to 3000 words would do a world of good. For technical people, a vocabulary of 1250 to 1500 words should be a decent game to play with.

Knowing English will enable people in their professional and personal life no matter where they are. For engineering students whose mother tongue is not English, mastering the language is now more important than ever for a prospective technical career around the globe. Most of engineering professors in India conduct their lectures in English, most of the research and technology papers are published in English. Mastering Technical English is of prime importance to budding engineers today.

Understanding this gap, L4G in collaboration with Sinha Research, Switzerland had introduced an innovative course in technical English for engineering students. This short course makes the participants realize the power of communication and gives them the right methodology and tools to master communication skill specifically designed for technical students and professionals in the shortest possible time.

The course is focused on the following six points:

  • Importance of Communication Skills for Engineering and Science Students.
  • A quick test to assess the current level of students,
  • Tips and tools for quickly fixing the problems related to English and communication.
  • Important tips of technical presentations, group discussion and job interviews.
  • Non verbal communications and body language
  • Motivating students to continue practising on their own, self-evaluation of their progress and gain self-confidence and be successful in their career.

The course is designed on a mobile app, and is an interactive one with self-help for self-learning. To know more on the course, please mail us at or call us at +91 – 9553770066