Need of Special Skills Training to Engineering Faculty

Empowering our colleges, faculty with advanced technology skills and best training practices always enable them to innovate their best and teach the students accordingly. Faculties particularly from engineering domain always need to stay on top of their subject from time to time, plus upgrade to latest teaching trending practices that helps them become from a good teacher to a great teacher.

L4G enables faculties to move technically ahead by establishing advanced research skills in them to help ignite the young minds on campus. L4G brings in technology giants to collaborate and work with colleges, hence creates additional learning spaces for faculties to stay in touch with the industry expectations.

Teaching science and engineering is difficult and different from teaching literature or arts. Unfortunately, this skill is hardly imparted to lecturers and assistant professors. This affects the product, namely the graduates. It is possible to quickly train the faculty members to become excellent teachers by showing them a systematic methodology and the best practices thorough a step-by-step process and making them practice on their own. The results can be seen in the overall improvement of the students within a semester.

As part of this training the trainers on special skills, L4G in collaboration with Sinha Research focus on the following:

Essentials of teaching science and engineering

This gives you a basic understanding of what are the bare minimum things that play a key role in teaching engineering subjects to students.

Self-assessment & problem identification

Not very often in engineering domain, the faculty has an opportunity to self-assess his/her knowledge or teaching capabilities. We create a situation for you to self-assess and understand if you have any problems that needs to be fixed.

Communication skill for technical instructions

It is very important to speak the concepts easy to the level that students understand and communication skills play a vital role. It becomes even more vital when it comes to imparting technical education. We work with you on this area during the course.

Best teaching practices for technical education

We help you understand the best teaching practises gathered from the industry. This will help you to draw inspiration from the top notch professors in this space.

Modern tools and methods

Mastering modern teaching aids and methods will transform the way you deliver your lecture for the students. Here you will very clearly understanding the difference between modern tools vs traditional methods in teaching.

Bringing quality into technical education

Learn how you can bring in more quality into your lectures. Sharpen the necessary skills.

Witness a sample lecture

We deliver a sample lecture to enable you understand the step by step process involved in delivering a technical lecture.

Innovation & Project based learning

Motivate your students to innovate. Lead by example in innovation. The best way to master engineering education is through project based learning. Learn to assign small projects in groups to students.

Hands on practice

We give you sufficient exercises for you to practice what you learnt in the course. You can make mock lectures/ presentations.

Continuous Improvement

Note that you can’t master all skill overnight. It has to be a continuous transformation over a period of time.

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